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Total Ship Supply and Eagle Ship Supply combine forces


Since April 30. 2014 the cooperation between Eagle Ship Supply B.V. and
Total Ship Supply B.V. is a fact. As of May 2014 both companies agreed to move on as one organization under the name of Total Ship Supply and will be located in the Eemshaven. After a period of start and grow, both organizations want to stabilize. From a stronger and wider fundament they want to increase the growth. The company has a “one stop shopping concept” witch can provide every aspect on board of seagoing vessels.

General director Bastiaan Busz:
“Both companies supply to the same market, but the concepts are very different. By combining the forces, the organization will be stronger. The joint selling and buying power will increase further. The unburdening of shipowners by the “catering on board” concept of Total Ship Supply can be rolled out further.”

Director of sales Jan Arend Venema:
“Both companies are healthy and strong. By combining forces the fundament gets even stronger. For customers, this step means that the service and adequate deliveries will be guaranteed even further. By taking this step, the increase of grow will continue faster. The technical know how of Eagle Ship Supply can be rolled out further.”

The entire staff of Eagle Ship Supply is acquired by Total Ship Supply. Both companies should be fully integrated after the summer.

The new shaped organization has a staff of 20 people.

For more information you can contact Jan Arend Venema at +31(0)630956790.


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